Sunday, May 15, 2011

Could these beauties be the cause of my recent non-thrifting? I found them a short while ago, all nestled together at VV for $10. And I honestly lost the urge to go out again because...what could top this?
Oh who am I kidding?!
It's probably just the crappy weather and even crappier (super high) gas prices! Hurrmph... I'm still thrifting close to home, but it's nothing compared to my crazy outings of just a short while ago where I'd visit 7 or more thrifts all over our big city in one day.  But I'll be back. Just biding my time till gas is reasonable again, and trying to get a few trades going with fellow Flickr members. Cheers and happy thrifting until next time :)


  1. Gas prices are so crazy right now it definitely makes me cut back on the thrifting. And the friendship find is pretty hard to top! :)

  2. Sigh! Gas prices may never be reasonable again. So I plan my errand runs with thrift stores in mind. Every trip away from home prompts the question...what thrift stores are on the way? Like this week I'm driving 20 min to fill my gas tank, because gas is 20cents/litre cheaper the next town over. Yes, its worth the trip to save $18. I will do my grocery shopping and hit 2 thrift stores at the same time, and maybe squeeze in coffee with a friend who happens to be thrifty too :)

  3. @Sandra - I hear ya. I posted that almost a month ago and gas prices around here are still the same. I'm lucky to have a few thrift stores very close to home so I hit those pretty often. But just want to see what else is out there. I used to go all over town to do my thrifting, but no more :(