Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I’ve recently decided to be strong and limit my Pyrex acquisitions to only patterns that I love.

I sold some one-off pieces that were cute but weren’t part of a set, or that I just didn’t love. I did this by placing a Craigslist ad and pricing things reasonably – mostly I was just trying to get back the money I paid for each piece.
 My newly bare cupboards were tested almost immediately when I found this cheery Friendship bowl last weekend. It was $7 at Value Village, and it came home with me.

Then on Friday, my trade item arrived. This Compass Snack Server starts off my new black and white Pyrex collection. I’m hoping to collect a lot of pieces that have a black and white design. I think it’s such a timeless colour combo (plus it goes with everything).

This was my first trade ever, and it got started when Vintage Spinster posted on the Pyrex Collective about a trade offer. She summed it up nicely on her blog.

I have definitely caught the trading bug!

Finally, this weekend’s thrifting was kind of a bust, although I did score this adorable salt or pepper shaker for 50 cents at GW! (sorry about the water on it, I had just washed it and was so eager to take the photo that I didn't realize it was still wet)
So the moral of the story…make room for pretty Pyrex and it will come.


  1. I'm a pyrex collector too! I'd really like to trade some pieces as well. I have three early american bowls if you're interested!


  2. I need some black and white pieces too. My Pyrex luck has been -blah- lately. Maybe this weekend I'll hit the jackpot :)