Friday, March 18, 2011

I've quickly come to the point where I have more Pyrex than my house will bear and my hubby will tolerate. Because I am still addicted to thrifting, and to stop myself from bringing every pretty piece home, here are the ground rules I've established:
-absolutely no chips, cracks or signs of dishwasher use
-a few small scratches might be acceptable on a hard to find pattern, but it's on a case by case basis
-free pass to buy anything in these patterns: Butterprint, Friendship, Spring Blossom Green, Stripes or Snowflake
-strongly consider Town & Country, Early American
-doors still open to non-bowl glass pieces like carafes in great condition or the elusive Cookie Jar
-must continually try to sell pieces I already have that aren't patterns I collect
-I have a full set of Primary Colors bowls in good condition - what to do?? Keep for bragging rights? Try to sell to finance purchase of other pieces?


  1. Hi! Love your collection. Have you seen there is a Flickr group for trading Pyrex? Thats a good way to get new pieces and still keep your habit :) I have some listed too. If you want to trade.

  2. Ha! You're way ahead of me! I just saw that you are on there too!

  3. Thanks Amanda. How do I find you on Flickr? I looked up your name but nothing came up. Sorry, I'm still pretty new to this :) thanks for dropping by my new blog!