Sunday, April 17, 2011

First off, a big HELLO to all of my followers!Thanks so much for your support. I've checked out your blogs and they are all so interesting for different reasons. TallGlass I love your recipe suggestions. Paskiaq your blog reads a lot like Erin the Toronto Yardsaler, and I'm a fellow Torontonian so it's great to hear about your adventures in my neck of the woods. Vintage Spinster, I love hearing about the behind the scenes goings-on in the theatre world (and I wish you continued luck with your Trade Me Up project).SharonLou do you have a blog? Let us know if/when you start one.

On to the good stuff!
I've been thrifting up a storm over the last couple of weeks and found this Spring Blossom gravy boat and underplate at VV for $4.

It's in great shape and available for trade. [send me an email at thevntg (at) gmail dot com if you're interested]

I have a soft spot for Town & Country (I know it's not high on most people's lists) and I was thrilled to find this casserole at SA. (This is the same SA that previously never had any Pyrex, and where one day - out of nowhere - I found a nearly mint Pyrex promo with lid.)

It was marked at $6, but since it was missing the lid I asked for a reduction and ended up getting it for $3! As you can see, I've already put it to good use holding my oil and vinegar bottles on the kitchen counter.

Over at a local charity thrift shop, I found a lime pie plate for $3. It's my first 'Made in Canada' Pyrex, and my first lime one. I should have taken a "this is what I'm starting with" photo but I didn't. Here's what it looks like AFTER a good soak in hot soapy water and a scrubbing with magic eraser. 

Not quite there yet... I'll need to do another scrub to see how much more gunk I can get off. As it is, I would feel kinda icky using it.

Finally, I hit one thrift store yesterday, and four today. I did find some Pyrex but it was either patterns I don't collect or interesting pieces that were ruined by the dishwasher, or chipped up. I left it all for other treasure hunters to find and enjoy.


  1. Hi there! You've got some lovely Pyrex! I picked up that same lime green pie plate and it was in similar condition. I used Bar Keeper's friend - just made a little wet paste and smeared it on the gunky areas and let it sit for a few minutes and the gunk came right off. I used a toothpick to clean up the seams. I think it might be my boyfriends favorite piece because I make pies all the time now!

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment. I actually used Old Dutch powder on the outside and it worked really well to remove both the baked on stuff and some grey marks around the bottom. Problem is the inside still looks yucky and I can't get the stain off no matter what I try. I'll see if they sell Bar Keeper's Friend here in Canada, I've never seen it at the store. Thanks again!