Monday, April 18, 2011

It makes me so happy when I find vintage-inspired things that are brand new. And, it makes me even happier when those items are vintage priced!

Exhibit A (please excuse the blurry dark photo)
I spotted these oven mitts at Dollarama in a different colour. I didn't really need new gloves so I debated it a bit. Then I noticed this brown and turquoise combo and that sealed the deal.
Of course the cute images of kitchen items like the ladle and chef hat and apron don't hurt either. They kind of remind me of the Pyrex Mod Kitchen casserole (which I got recently!) and the Hazel Atlast Kitchen Aids bowl. They were either one or two dollars for the pair.

Then, on a separate trip to the same store, I noticed this darling tablecloth.
I love the light blue background and the sugary pink cupcakes and teapots. It kind of looks like an illustration out of a childrens' book. It was $2.

There's room for both vintage and new in my home :)

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  1. You really can't go wrong with turquoise and brown can you!?