Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I've had some good Pyrex luck recently. I spotted a Craigslist ad for a Friendship oval divided dish. I responded as soon as I saw it, but the seller said they already had someone coming to get it. Too late! Well...a few days later the seller contacted me because the other person didn't show up, so it was now hold them for me. On the way to pick it up, I popped in to a GW and found these.
The two 501s from the refrigerator set for a mere $1 each (no lids). They are in absolutely pristine condition! I love fridgies, and want lots and lots and lots of them, but I've passed on them before because they either had dishwasher damage or were badly scratched up. Not the case here, these are beautiful and the colour is rich and glossy.

Next up was the Craigslist seller's house. The dish was advertised as being in 'mint condition' and the seller re-iterated that it was in top notch shape when I asked about it. Sooo...there is definitely some scratching on the lid including on the pattern, but I wanted it pretty bad so I took it for $15. I was kinda regretting it on the way home, but it looks a lot better and shinier after a good soapy wash. I'm happy I took it now :)

And so the Friendship family grows.
Ahhh :)


  1. Great finds! At $15, I think that's a great deal. I've actually never seen any friendship at a thrift and even if you're lucky enough to find it, it'd probably be priced at that anyways. Love the red fridgies.

  2. I have these frig dishes, it is a 3 piece set with a long one and two short ones. these were my mothers and I have had them for about 30 years I think. I also have a 4 piece mixing bowl set in brown tones that I got with top value stamps in the early 70's. I have 3 or 4 cass. that I got as wedding gifts and I have been married 46 years.